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Give Thanks in All Circumstances.

November 25, 2008

When I say I love Thanksgiving, I mean I really LOVE Thanksgiving.

I think it’s because it’s the least pressured of the wintery holidays.

At Christmas, everyone gets wrapped up (both literally and figuratively) in gifts and holiday parties and family — for those of us with weak nerves (like my dear mother), this is a mental death sentence as the stress begins to squeeze tighter and tighter. What? Christ was born? Who cares?! This present I bought won’t work and my spinach dip isn’t green enough and the tree is dropping needles all over my new carpet!

But on Thanksgiving, you relax. You watch parades, even if you’re someone who could normally care less about large balloons shaped like Garfield’s head or Hannah Montana singing on a float that looks like a cupcake blew up. Then you gather around the table, slip into a gentle food coma and spend the rest of the day alternately snoozing and snacking on extra pie.

It’s fantastic. I actually get to spend time with my family, just being together, watching movies and being so, so thankful for what we have. Warm houses, food to eat, people to love, blankets to snuggle beneath, pants to loosen once that “just one more piece” of pie tips you over the proverbial scale.

Plus, this year, my sister and I are hosting our family’s Thanksgiving at our new house. This is an excellent excuse to try sassy new recipes (like brining our turkey) and to wear my favorite apron with birds on it (fabulous and a half). Since we don’t have cable of any kind, this will be the first year I turkey it up without the Macy’s parade, but oh well. We’ll probably just put on tunes and dance around the kitchen, singing into a turkey baster. (Seriously. We probably will. Especially if it’s the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack.)

So in honor of this most glorious holiday of reflection and love, here is a small and impromptu list of what I am thankful for, right now, at this moment:

  • Having a job — As the economy gets grimmer and grimmer (so says NPR), I feel lucky to feel secure in having an income.
  • My house — With all its drafty charm and lovable roommates, it’s a true blessing.
  • Living in America — This isn’t a patriotic statement, but one of sociological truth. I live in the wealthiest nation on earth, which allows me things like food, clean water, protection from war, religious freedom, freedom of speech and the ability to live as an independent woman just as easily as any other citizen. I may not agree often with policy and politics, but I can be thankful that security and freedom is provided, regardless of if I agree how it was obtained.
  • Possibility — God has given us free will and with that, comes the immense opportunity for change, growth, seeking and movement.  This is what gives me hope when I am weighted down so heavily with sadness and grief for the state of the world. I am thankful that it CAN change. And that while it is corrupt with sin, it it still God’s world and in the end, in the most universal, cosmic and eternal sense, it will always bend in the direction of love.
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 26, 2008 7:03 pm

    My Thanksgiving will be spent much like it was last year, drunk. Drunk and watching the last Gilmore Girls because that is the only thing that makes me feel like I am close to you and Sandra. And then I will proceed to throw up all the no turkey that I didnt eat.

    Last year at least I accidentally got my dad really really drunk off tequila and we both ended up completely hung over the next day.

    Maybe this year I will accidentally get Matt really really drunk. Hopefully.

    Enjoy it baby.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    November 26, 2008 7:03 pm

    Oh, Noelle by the way.


  3. Caroline permalink*
    November 27, 2008 10:06 pm

    The thought of you alone in SF, drunk, makes me sad. 😦 Not because of the throwing-up but because of the lack of me and Sandra and your family. It’s a holiday. No one should have to be drunk and alone on a holiday.

    I made pumpkin bread pudding today — I should mail you some.
    Miss you, kitten.

    Call me soon?

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