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Free AC, Friends, and My Big Plans for Living Alone

June 23, 2009

I know, I know.

I’ve been neglectful of you all.

But it’s been so darn hot here for the past week or so that all I want to do is lay in a bathtub full of ice water, drinking a beer. Add in the fact that my roommate Kim told me that Monsieur Bat is still lurking about, and I have been sleeping in patchy, restless fits lately. Even with a fan running directly on my face and both windows wide open last night, it took 5 1/2 hours to fall asleep. Ewwwww. I hate this kind of heat (and the paralyzing fear of hearing bat wings on my ceiling). So I am doing the only thing I can think to do in a precarious situation such as this.

I’m taking advantage of the kindness of the parents and sleeping in their guest room tonight, while fully enjoying the entirely bat-free and functional AC’d glory of it all. I may also eat a few spoonfuls of their ice cream. (Oooo, or bring my own — just remembered, I have a pint of Mexican Chocolate Chipotle gelato waiting in my freezer. Mmmmm.)

Anyway, none of this babble is here nor there. I wish I could come up with something much more meaningful to tell you all, but alas. Let’s see…I finally found an apartment! Come August 1, I will not be homeless, but be the brave, proud renter of a teeny, cute little shoebox of a studio in Heritage Hill…coincidentally, right around the corner from Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Bakery! And near the library…so I will be fat, well-read, and happy. The only hurdle left is to figure out what to do about my internet. I don’t want to pay $60 a month for it, and according to the current tenant, all of the wireless networks are password-protected. Is there a cheaper way to get a wireless connection? Anyone? Anyone?

(My future neighborhood!)

Other News:

I am driving down to Virginia on Thursday with my best friend and the greatest travel companion a girl could have (eat that, Tim and Lassie — not that Sandra is comparable, as she is human, but she is far cooler and way more loyal than any four-legged creature…this compliment is fast spiraling downwards…curses). Anyway, it will be one rockin’ road trip.

So Virginia — one of my other best friends is getting married down there and I can’t wait to dance party down with him and his new wife, while eating tapas and enjoying the mountain-y scenery in Fincastle. I think back to when we first met each other and became friends, and try not to laugh too hard. We thought we were sooooo emo — listening to Taking Back Sunday and Something Corporate, drinking cheap beer and Kahlua (not mixed together, ewww), and growling about all the stupid people who broke our hearts. We eventually grew up, but have never quite lost the utter silliness and crazy connection that is our friendship (once, on a 12 page wine list, we picked out the same wine…just one example of many odd “male me/female you” moments).

(Besties on Venice Beach, 2006)

I was looking through pictures yesterday of a road trip we took in California a few years back, and as I looked at pictures of us, standing in Big Sur and doing “senior pictures” in Malibu, I felt sentimental pride flood me for the man that he has become.

My deepest, most utterly heartfelt congratulations to Kirk and Erin as they take the next step in their life together. I can’t wait to see what comes next. I also can’t wait to give you your wedding gift, because I have to say, it’s pretty neat.


Oh goodness…so something kind of meaningful did come out after all.

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  1. Sandra permalink
    June 23, 2009 5:14 pm

    I found a place too!

    But it’s so not that cool…. at all.

    I’ll tell you this—it’s a converted garage…

    It’ll be like camping all the time. Don’t be jealous.

    But it’s close to downtown! So that’s neat.

    I made a mental list of positives.
    Also, I have a mailbox.

    I won’t be to your house until likkke 9:30-45 because I have my “radio show” until 8, but I’ll leave right after.

    What should I bring?


  2. Caroline permalink*
    June 24, 2009 8:20 am

    I’m sure you will make the place cute and it will be overflowing with books and charm shortly. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with converted garages — especially ones close to downtown!

    Mmmm…Stan’s every morning.
    Okay, maybe not. You’d have heart problems pretty quickly.

    I have a mail slot…no mailbox. But I do get an extra storage closet in the hallway. I’m apartment #2…isn’t that cute? I love having a number on the door! 🙂

    See you tonight.

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