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Money, Money, Money (and Technology Woes)

July 6, 2009

Technology has a habit of acting up around me. I think I must send out some sort of spooky vibe or something.

While driving to Virginia for my friend’s wedding, our GPS died, leaving us driving up a mountain in the middle of Nowhere, VA, in the pitch dark with no idea where to go. (Cue the banjo ditty from Deliverance.)

I used my laptop successfully and peacefully all weekend for different tasks at my sister’s wedding only to come home yesterday, try to turn it on, and have it weakly try, then power off again. The Geek Squad makes a fortune off of me (okay, not really…but it feels like a fortune). I can’t decide whether to be mad at HP or just shrug, know it’s only money, and just keep truckin’. (At least I get points on my Best Buy Rewards card towards free gift cards. Hurray?)

(In any case, I will be laptop-less for two to three weeks. Guess I will be starting on more of my books that keep piling up. I will try to update during breaks at work, but expect a bit of a “crickets” period on here.)

Speaking of money, I checked my bank account today and winced. With all the festivities of the summer marching by, the only thing racking up faster than the photos is the financial tab. Yikes. I normally don’t worry much about money, having been raised to be frugal and not usually spending beyond my means unless I had the ability to pay it off swiftly, but as my eyes burned at the sight of my account statement, I realized that this is when my “Trust that God will provide” advice comes around in a neat circle to tap me on the shoulder.

My rent’s going up.

I’m going to be paying off this trip to Virginia for a few months.

I’m going to IKEA this weekend to finish getting a few things I need for my apartment. (It’s like sending a diabetic with a sweet tooth into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Pray for me.)

My sister getting married and family being in town meant sushi here, “let’s meet for lunch” there, as well as a manicure/pedicure that ended up being almost twice as expensive as I was told it would be.

Between my laptop getting fixed and buying an external hard drive to backup everything, that’s setting me back a couple cool hundreds.

Ireland is fast approaching, and I just realizing how soon.

Oh well. At least I decreased my Netflix plan, which helped me breathe a little easier, even if it is only a paltry $5 a month. And hopefully, I will be able to buckle down to some serious frugality this fall and winter once “wedding-palloozza” is over and done. Make many pots of soup as I snuggle up next to my cute little radiator, and watch the leaves change. Free and cheap entertainment is the name of the game. I also anticipate a lot of solo dance parties with my rickety old record player and my well-loved copy of Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album.

It’s in moments like these, when I start to get that dizzy-headed, “why am I breathing so fast?” feeling, that I have to remind myself that I have never not had what I needed, and that in the end, despite the cozy, secure feeling it gives me, it really is just money. It comes, it goes.

What are some of the things that you all do to cut corners and help budget?

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