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A Quick Lunchtime Blurb

July 27, 2009

I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness. – Mother Teresa

This taste of wisdom from Mother is changing the way I pray. I need faithfulness more than I need air; not faithfulness from God — that is guaranteed. I pray for my own faithfulness to this beautiful, subversive, difficult Kingdom that God is weaving into my life.

I pray for faithfulness when those self-justifying excuses for sin slither and sneak into my heart. I pray for faithfulness to the forgotten and the lonely, even when I am feeling shy and don’t know what to say. I pray for faithfulness when I forget that my budget and my planner are moral documents. I pray for faithfulness when I thread together elaborate plans that don’t give Him much of a say. I pray for faithfulness when I don’t pray or crack Scriptures and instead, focus on making grocery lists in my head and stressing about my testy “Check Engine” light that seems to have a vendetta against me. I pray for faithfulness when I am more concerned about how many hits my blog is getting rather that what I am saying in it. I pray for faithfulness when I’d rather be lazy when I know I should be walking and absorbing His creations.

When one of the disciples (don’t ask me who, I’m hopeless with remembering stuff like that) asks Jesus how many times he should forgive a fellow man who wronged  him — “Seven times?” the disciple asks. “Not only seven, but seventy times seven,” Jesus answers.

I’m sure God forgiven me a whole lot more than 490 times, but I am grateful that His grace and faithfulness are resilient, ever growing, and cover my transgressions until neither of us remember what they even were. He soothes the wounds into scars, so I won’t forget what I came from and where I am going.

But for now, where I am going is a meeting — lunchtime is over.

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