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Post-Script: Celebrating the Sacred in the Profane

August 2, 2009

I also just wanted to add that I am finding small ways to celebrate who I am, in my real self (see previous entry from earlier today), and it’s helping with the low patches I’ve been scraping against lately. Rob talked today about seeing the sacred in the common and everyday. I am reminded that when I stop, close my eyes, inhale, and open my eyes again, the world can always look different.

So here are things I am doing to encourage feeling good:

  • Walking places that I would usually drive
  • Buy lots of delicious produce at the Farmer’s Market and then actually cooking things with it
  • Mastering how to make a decent crepe
  • Only eating when I’m hungry instead of when I’m bored
  • Allowing myself to be lazy without feeling guilty about it
  • Reading when I feel like watching movies
  • Walking around my beautiful neighborhood when I feel sorry for myself
  • Drinking wine with dinner and sitting at my table, instead of curled up in bed
  • Putting on pink lip gloss sometimes instead of chapstick, just because I feel a little sassier
  • Giving good friends long hugs
  • Flossing my teeth
  • Using the pink grapefruit all-surface spray so my whole apartment smells fruity and fresh
  • Finally using a gift card for a beauty boutique I got for Christmas and buying myself some nice perfume
  • Making fresh peach puree for my iced tea
  • Growing herbs
  • Standing up straighter
  • Reading the Bible out loud
  • Praying to God like He’s my best friend and not some far-removed, stiff deity
  • Going camping with my House Church this weekend

What are you doing to celebrate the sacred, especially within yourself?

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