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Cookie Recipe (Because I’m Too Tired For Anything Real)

September 23, 2009

I’ve had a few people request the recipe for my caramel sea-salt cookies, which I promised to share and have not so far. :/ Sorry about that, readers. I didn’t mean to tease.

So, the recipe is actually from the New York Times, and was passed along to me by one of my favorite professors from college, the lovely Christi. She told me she substituted caramel bits for the chocolate chips, so I set about attempting to replicate her success. The caramel bits were easy enough to find, but the baking time is what stuck me on this one. The first batch I baked in the time suggested, and they were WAY too crunchy (I am of the soft, gooey cookie school). I kept knocking the time back for subsequent batches, and even when baking them for 14 to 15 minutes, they were still too crunchy for my taste. Perhaps it is hopeless and I should just eat the dough.

So here’s the recipe.

I know I promised Ireland stories and it appears that I am sliding into an entirely naughty habit of not following through — tomorrow is my designated night to start Ireland stories, I promise. Unfortunately, Mr. Jet Lag has been rather persistent and I have been entirely lethargic all week, which has equaled to me not doing much of anything except working, then collapsing.

And with that…
Night night.

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