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Justice Never Looked So Cute

November 4, 2009

I want to give a big, ginormous, happy shout-out to my friend Caroline and her amazing new venture, Scarlet Threads!

Now Caroline is, in general, just an incredibly wonderful and heartfelt person, but this is just another reason to love her more! She and her friends, Carrie and Jacob, have been living in rural China for the past two years, working at a wonderful foster home (looking at their blog makes me want to adopt 18 Chinese babies immediately), and now, they have launched a business venture together called Scarlet Threads.

Scarlet Threads is a ‘compassionate boutique’ that empowers women within their rural village through providing them work, dignity, and beauty through making aprons. “Aprons?” you say. “AMAZING!” I say. (I have a small apron addiction…yeah, weird, I know. Potato, potatoe.) Scarlet Threads pays the women in this village a fair wage for their work, turns around, and sells these incredibly cute aprons to you and me. This sustainable, micro-enterprise enables these amazing women half a world away to earn an income, while being able to work from home and be self-employed.

So this is my big push/token of encouragement to visit their site and buy an apron or twelve. Seriously…Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, “today is Tuesday, why not” gifts — good for any and all occasions for the sassy, culinary women in your life!

I want this one so badly I can taste the cupcakes I’d bake in it (hint hint…just sayin’…Santa, if you’re out there):

Congratulations, Caroline! And to rest of you — happy shopping!

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