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A Little Bit Country

February 4, 2010

I realize I’m a bit late on the indie bandwagon but I have become quite suddenly OBSESSED with the Avett Brothers’ newest album, “I and Love and You.” (To be fair, I loved “Emotionalism” several years ago, thanks to my friend, James.)

As this whole album thrums through my workday, bringing me much joy and off-key sing-a-longs in my office, I keep finding myself hitting the “play” button over and over on this song, savoring each lovely strum and key and note. The striking lyrics resonate with the traveler in me (and the anti-hipster in me scoffs at the continual mentions of Brooklyn). And let’s be honest here, ladies, these are some seriously gorgeous, beardy banjo hunks of folk-singing lovin’.

I have also recently come to terms with my food blog obsession, which has come to a crescendo in my discovery of Pioneer Woman. This sassy, city-turned-country gal is such a compelling, funny and spunky writer, I literally spent hours on her website last night and am planning on ordering her cookbook as soon as I get paid tomorrow. I stumbled across the story of how her and her husband, a cowboy she affectionately calls Marlboro Man, met and fell in love and several hours later, snapped my laptop shut and spent the rest of my evening misty-eyed and drooling ever so lightly in the glow of this romance that is so giggle-inducing and (in her words) “hiney tingling” that it’s strange to think it’s true.

The diehard romantic and foodie that I am, I think Pioneer Woman and I could be friends — well, we could if she didn’t live in Oklahoma on a ranch and I wasn’t just some random girl in Michigan, sitting in my studio apartment, eating Chex Mix leftover from Christmas for dinner and sighing emphatically every few minutes.

This is my life.

[Photo credit here.]

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