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lenten prayers: days 14, 15 + 16

March 7, 2010

[I was visiting a friend this weekend and, in an attempt to disconnect for awhile, I didn’t bring my laptop. So here are the past three days, lumped together.]

Prayer of Childhood

Lord God, thank You for children
For their wisdom that comes without pretension
For the open doors of their minds, still trusting enough to listen to Your voice
For the lessons they teach us in humility
May we remember the familiar flexibility of joy
May we fight to give children a childhood
Allow us to remember we are all children and You our Father
Redeem us in our innocence and renew our imagination.

Prayer of Hospitality

Lord God, thank You for hospitality
For what it is to open your life and home to another
Give us hearts that give easily
And grace to allow others to give back
May we see Your welcome in the doorsteps of those we love
And may we have the courage to open our doors in return
May we love the neighbors that deserve it least
May we eat, laugh, cry, rejoice, rest and be together
Making no distinction of our brothers and sisters.

Prayer of the Past

Lord God, thank You for memory
For the lessons that yesterday is still teaching us
Grant us perspective that we might see broadly
And trust that we might allow life its unpredictability
May we not make plans at the expense of not living
And see that the past is in a place only to teach, not to punish
Give us hearts that remind us of this crucial truth:
You aren’t finished with us yet.

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