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lenten prayers: days 26, 27, 28 and 29

March 21, 2010

[Okay, okay, I’ve slacked in posting prayers the past few days. And I admit, I’ve had a hard time keeping to the “one a day” regime. In fact, I have failed a handful of times, simply writing yesterday’s today, etc.. I’ve truthfully been struggling with a season of doubt and even anger the past few weeks and it’s something I am just now beginning to come to terms with. And one place that those emotions took a kick at was my writing. So, anyway — here are the last four prayers.]

Prayer of Encouragement

Lord God, thank You for encouragement
For giving us people who see with new eyes when we cannot
Who celebrate potential and counsel with loving wisdom
Give us hearts that are open to being baldly loved
May we accept this love and encouragement with grace
Especially in the moments where we feel the farthest from grace itself
May we be the kind of people who don’t give up on each other
Who affirm, not accuse, and who challenge, not confront
May we remember You don’t ask us to be good enough
You tell us we are loved. plain and simple
Thank You that we might walk the second mile for each other
And find ourselves in our neighbor’s shoes.


Prayer of Learning

Lord God, thank You for learning
For the eternal inquisitive nature that makes us human
May we never stop asking questions
Thank You that while we are unfinished, we are not incomplete
Open us that, in our search, we become more and more ourselves
Created in Your image, insatiably loving to the world around us
May we trust that You know what You’re up to
Even as we doubt our own potential
May we always lean into the grace that “I love you” is the basis for all we know.


Prayer of Creativity

Lord God, thank You for creativity
For all the ways we connect to Your spirit of making things new
May we see You in this flexibility of genesis
May we  always seek to create with courage
Confronting the rawness of humanity, seeing grace in all its folds
Allow us to rest, explore, test, play and question
Throwing off the constraints of fear and failure
May we be willing to stand fast in all our drafts
Remembering we ourselves are first creations, not creators
Taking our deepest guidance from Your spirit which first breathed life into us.


Prayer of Doubt

Lord God, thank You for doubt
For allowing us the space to wrestle, to get it wrong, to question
Grant us wisdom where we see with blind eyes
And grant us grace for the moments we will never understand
Thank You that Your grace can handle our disbelief
For all those moments when we are left without words or prayers
We know that Your plan holds fast even in the storms of our doubt
Thank You that Your love is bigger than our questions
And, in the end, forms the foundation and the biggest picture for this life.


[Photo credits here, here, here and here]

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