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big revelation + dork love

April 21, 2010

So in reading the lovely blog, everyday musings (whose California photo I cited the other day), I got caught up in the pleasantly cute and sunny life of Olivia and Tyler. I’m admittedly a big sappy pile of woman much of the time and it gets even worse when I see cute love stories unfold between people who are real, whose love is real and more importantly, whose relationship is the kind I can admire.

Such is the case with these two.
(I would gag at their sweetness if it wasn’t so dang sincere.)

As I happily read through basically her entire blog archive, it began dawning on me what it just might be that I need in a partner, once I finally get around to that.

It’s pretty important.

I think it may be that I simply need someone who’s as big of a dork as I am.*

When I was growing up, I was convinced I wanted someone suave and charming and well-coiffed. Now I realize that, well, I’m none of those things — so why would I want a man who is?

Epiphany, I tell you.

*Mini clarification: This doesn’t mean Olivia and Tyler are dorks. Just FYI, in case she happens to read this. I think you’re both adorable!

[Photo credit here]

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