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jamie oliver + hope

April 27, 2010

I have been mildly obsessed with “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”. It’s become my Sunday evening tradition to curl up in bed with snacks (healthy ones, of course) and watch “Food Revolution” on Hulu.

Ohhhh, I love it. I love it, love it, love it. It stirs me all up inside (pun!) to see someone like Jamie use his massive fame to show such a passionate, practical posture (say that three times fast!) towards food and cooking and eating. I couldn’t be more pleased at what he’s doing and if you are like me and want to do your own little part, you can start by signing this petition.

Revolutions start very, very small. They start with people, in their homes, with their kids or dogs or cactus plants, realizing that we are, all of us, out of balance and that with trying just a small bit, we can become a part of the ripple of change. It starts with someone like me — no one incredibly important or with deep pockets or lots of influence. I’m just someone who has decided that eating brightly colored, vibrant food that I cook myself and can take pride in is much tastier and cheaper than eating crappy fast food whose greasy temptation quickly turns to tummy-aches and pudge on my bottom.

Sign the petition.

Watch “Food Revolution” on Hulu.

Get fired up and in turn, fire up that stove and start cookin’.

Vive la Revolution!

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