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hello, 90 degrees…meet basil lemonade

July 5, 2010

Urrrrghhhhh. It is 90 degrees outside and I don’t have air-conditioning. (I do, blessedly, at least have fans. And shades. And lots of sundresses.)

It is most definitely a day for a frosty drink. So, I present to you — basil lemonade!

I wanted to find a way to use up some of the basil that is springing up like crazy in my little potted herb garden and it has been way too hot to have any desire to eat hot pasta or crank up the oven to 500 degrees to make pizza. I’m not a fan of caprese salads (I’m just not much for raw tomatoes…I know, shame on me). I am, however, a big ole fan of a tall glass of lemonade. And when I say “lemonade,” I mean actual, squeezed-from-lemons, tart, juicy LEMONade, not the sugary goo that comes in a can. So I made this up yesterday, after happily finding a bag of lemons in my produce drawer.

I don’t know how hot it is where you are, but if we are at all in the same (sweaty) shoes, by all means, stir up a pitcher. It’s amazing and will heal your soul. (Or at the very least, quench your thirst.)

Basil Lemonade

4 lemons, thoroughly juiced
2/3 cup sugar
1 handful of basil, roughly torn up or chopped
Cold water

Juice the lemons as thoroughly as possible and save any pulp that comes with it. (It’s liquid gold, don’t throw it away!) Strain out any seeds as necessary and pour into a large pitcher. Reserve 4 of the empty lemon halves and set aside. Measure the sugar into a small bowl and add the chopped/torn basil. Using your hands, rub the basil into the sugar for a minute or two, until the sugar has green flecks in it and smells like basil.

Add the basil sugar into the lemon juice and stir until it has dissolved. Fill the pitcher 3/4 of the way with cold water and stir to combine. Roughly quarter the empty lemon halves and add to the pitcher. Cover the pitcher and place in the refrigerator for a few hours or preferably overnight.

Pour into cold glasses with ice and sip, sip, sip!

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  1. July 5, 2010 3:54 pm

    I had basil lemonade at the farmers market last weekend and loved it. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Caroline permalink*
    July 5, 2010 6:46 pm

    @ Leigh!

    You’re welcome! I hope it turns out tasty for you and can rival your Farmer’s Market version. 🙂

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