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swimming naked + other weekend joys

August 2, 2010

If you would have asked me a year ago if I was a baby person, I would have said no. I was never the girl who wanted to volunteer in the nursery at church or play with the little kids at picnics. I avoided their sticky jam hands with supernatural stealth. There was one crazy summer after seventh grade when my friend Erin and I decided to run a day camp in our neighborhood — but I think the appeal there was more about making money to buy Hanson CDs and at the age of thirteen, short-term childcare was our only viable skill.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered, after my niece Addison came into the world nine months ago, that it appears I might be a baby person after all — at least when it comes to this little monkey. I have been…ermmm…”obsessed” might be the best word? Or devoted. Or smitten. Or obsessed.

This weekend, en route back from a fantastic wedding with my friend Frank in Detroit, I met up with my family at my sister’s in-laws house on the lake. We boated, we bocce’d, we ate a huge amount of snacks and as usual, I took an enormous number of photos of my niece. She was swimming around naked in the lake with her Grammie (who was clothed, just as a disclaimer) and it was too cute to pass up. There is just something unearthly adorable about naked little baby butts.

Seriously, guys. I don’t know what it is. I can’t even believe I’m now one of those weirdos who writes blog posts about naked baby butts. I’m not Anne Geddes, for crying out loud.

(Don’t worry, I won’t post pictures of my niece’s bare butt. Precious as it is, the internet is way too full of creepsters for that.)

Between the fabulous amount of wedding dancing, seeing old friends and making new ones, and my victorious claim on the record for balancing standing up on a raft the longest, it was a lovely, lovely weekend.

What did you do this weekend?

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