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fist pump tuesday

September 15, 2010

(A day late, but never a dollar short…)

Here’s what’s making me pump my fist today…

1. Glee — It’s official. I’ve hopped on the “Glee” bandwagon and I’m happy to be here! I hesitantly got the first season out of the library, after having every person on earth tell me I should watch it…then stayed up till 3am, watching with starry eyes (and quiet sing-a-longs, as to not wake my housemates.) I’m a convert — now to just find the second half of the first season! (I have to know what happens between Will and Emma!)

2. How to be Alone — My friend Kelley sent me this video and I find it so beautiful; a gorgeous testimony to the beauty of what it is to be alone.

3. New Job! — I finally got a part-time job, doing some graphic design work, while I am in culinary school. I am so thankful for the soon-to-be flux of income again and it’s extra convenient that it’s at the school; so I can walk to school AND work, making that footprint smaller and smaller. (I start Monday!)

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