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rainy day rambling

September 18, 2010

I love waking up early to the rumbles of thunder and the melodic thump-thump of rain drops against my windows.

In tandem with the sounds of the storm today, I snapped on the Glee soundtrack and spent the morning making bread dough and swinging my arms around, singing and pretending like I sound anything but off-key. It’s so delightful to pad around in slippers, wrapped in a sweater, and munch on roasted potatoes, knowing there is no reason at all to venture outside my cozy four walls.

I’m also working on finishing up a tasty bachelorette gift for my chef friend, Amanda. We have big plans to hit the town and scuff up our dancing shoes tonight. There is also a completed chocolate peanut butter masterpiece in the fridge, waiting for 15 women to be madly ravished by its soft ganache, salty sweet frosting and tender layers.

Who knew cake was so sexy?

(Ermmmm, me. I did.)

[photo credit here]

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