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flaky as a croissant + silver foxes

September 27, 2010

Flaky as a croissant — I feel like that’s been me lately. Sorry, peaches.

Saturday evening, after a long weekend of being poked and typed on with my sticky cupcake fingers, my aging HP laptop took a few rattling breaths and decided to break…again. My trusty friends over at the Geek Squad told me it would be at least $200 to fix it. Since this is the FOURTH time in three years the darn thing has pooped out on me (not to mention $80 for a new adapter cord last week), I decided that it might be time to consider a new laptop.

So I’ve joined the other side.

That’s right, I’m now shining up a brand-new MacBook Pro. I’m not really all that into technology (the guy at Apple laughed when I told him my iPod was from 2005 and I was still using it), but this silver fox is actually quite beautiful to behold. Well, as beautiful as a computer can be. I still think cakes and compotes are prettier.

Blogging will be sparse for a few days, as I get everything transferred and organized (iPhoto swiftly unorganized about 7 years’ worth of photos). I can’t wait to get back on a normal schedule with you guys, I MISS YOU.

What have you been up to?

[photo credit here]

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