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quiet sunday mornings

November 7, 2010

The last two weeks, I have spent my Sunday mornings at the Church of My Apartment.

As my weeks are increasingly busier, I have found immense solace and renewal in a quiet Sunday morning spent alone in my home, puttering around in slippers and jam-jams, drinking coffee, reading and relaxing. I sleep in, I make breakfast, I listen to music and enjoy spending hours without having to talk or socialize.

I love my church with all of my heart, but with the podcast to listen to during the week, it can be nice to skip Sunday mornings once in awhile. I meet with my House Church (a.k.a small group) on Tuesday nights and for me, that community provides me the essential space for doing life together and working through everything along the way. It’s helping reframe the way I look at church as something so much more than a building or a place I’m supposed to be on a Sunday morning.

With the slats of gold sunshine pouring in through the windows and the chill that finds me wrapped up in sweaters and leggings, I feel peace within my own little cathedral.

i am a little church (no great cathedral)
e.e. cummings

i am a little church(no great cathedral)

far from the splendor and squalor of hurrying cities

-i do not worry if briefer days grow briefest,

i am not sorry when sun and rain make april


my life is the life of the reaper and the sower;

my prayers are prayers of earth’s own clumsily striving

(finding and losing and laughing and crying)children

whose any sadness or joy is my grief or my gladness

around me surges a miracle of unceasing

birth and glory and death and resurrection:

over my sleeping self float flaming symbols

of hope,and i wake to a perfect patience of mountains

i am a little church(far from the frantic

world with its rapture and anguish)at peace with nature

-i do not worry if longer nights grow longest;

i am not sorry when silence becomes singing

winter by spring,i lift my diminutive spire to

merciful Him Whose only now is forever:

standing erect in the deathless truth of His presence

(welcoming humbly His light and proudly His darkness)


What do you do on Sunday mornings?

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  1. November 7, 2010 4:10 pm

    I read the newspaper, drink my tea, and enjoy myself before going back to work. I like going to church on Saturday night so I can have a quiet, relaxing Sunday. If I can’t go Saturday night, I try to go to the 8 am service so I’ll still have the day to laze away. But then there are weekends like this where church doesn’t quite work out so I try to meet with God in other ways.

  2. November 8, 2010 1:21 pm

    Hub and I have started going to a late service, and I’ve been sneaking out of bed early to make cinnamon rolls and coffee and talk to the dog, so when he rolls out we can all munch and sip together on the couch and be groggy and snuggly and lazy for awhile before we get ready and head down to our service. I love it this tradition.

    We’re the “point people” for this particular service for the college ministry, so sometimes I feel like church becomes focused on scouting out new girls and striking up clumsy conversations… and I will confess that it can feel like a job and not as much about enjoying Jesus, and I’m trying to find a way to balance these things.

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