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what is saving you?

December 12, 2010

“Salvation is so much more than many of its proponents would have us believe. In the Bible, human beings experience God’s salvation when peace ends war, when food follows famine, when health supplants sickness and freedom trumps oppression. Salvation is a word for the divine spaciousness that comes to human beings in all the tight places where their lives are at risk, regardless of how they got there or whether they know God’s name. Sometimes it comes as an extended human hand and sometimes as a bolt from the blue, but either way it opens a door in what looked to all the world like a wall. This is the way of life, and God alone knows how it works.”
-Barbara Brown Taylor, Leaving Church

Sometimes, it’s helpful to take a few minutes and examine what my salvation, right at that minute, is. In what ways is God penetrating the everyday and saving me under a thousand different guises?

Right now, the details are saving me. When the larger picture forms something disappointing, I have to turn to the small things to be saved — mostly because I cannot live in a world without wonder. I am being saved by examining the incredible miracle of snowflakes on my eyelashes and gloves. I am being saved by my mom leaning over and laying against my shoulder right when I feel so alone it feels like cement in my chest. I am being saved by the fresh smell of clean pillowcases and the relief of a warm house to walk into from the cold. I feel salvation rushing into me in all these little corners because I believe forgetting the little things means forgetting that we are alive, that there are sacred spaces and things to be noticed and gratitude to be given even in the ways that feel silly or small.

I am being saved by friends who listen and don’t try to fix. I am being saved by the surprising healing powers of a really good cry. I am being saved by asking questions that I know don’t have answers. I am being saved by the freedom that I can ask such questions in the first place. I am being saved by knowing my life isn’t nearly as difficult or depressing as the BBC miniseries I got out of the library yesterday. (Thank God. Geez, D.H. Lawrence…)

What is saving you right now?

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  1. December 12, 2010 10:04 pm

    These were the exact things the sermon this morning touched on. How do we recapture the wonder? When was the last time that I wondered at Christ’s birth narrative and at the glory that is to come? The last few weeks I’ve tried to intentionally notice the little details, the small joys in the day to day that are too easy to overlook. A lost contact that is found, finishing a good book, an email from a friend, getting to work on time. These small graces are saving me and pointing me back to the wonder of God.

  2. Jenna permalink
    December 13, 2010 6:01 am

    I’ve been trying to focus on and appreciate all the wonders in my immediate world, and have been counting my blessings daily. I don’t think we can thank God enough for the life he has given us.

    Great post.

  3. Nancy Carr permalink
    December 13, 2010 12:15 pm

    God’s sovereignty is never ending – cannot be exausted. It’s as vast as the Universe. He can be found in the most minute places in our lives. He cares about and for us…we can not go where He is not. He came here 2000 years ago to bring the Greatest Gift. Thank you, Father.

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