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fist pump tuesday

December 21, 2010

Here’s what’s making me pump my fist this week:

1. Reliving Childhood — While visiting my best friend in Mount Pleasant this weekend, we went to go see Santa after stopping for a Christmas beverage. It was probably the first time I’ve gone to see Santa since I was maybe 7 or 8. He was jolly and gave us candy canes and liked my suggestion of leaving energy-efficient lightbulbs instead of coal. Now I’m listening to N*Sync’s Christmas album and picking out a Christmas VHS to watch. Welcome back to the 1990s…it’s good to be here.

2. Burnt Sugar Almonds — I just made a double batch of these little beauties for Christmas gifts and aside from my arm feeling like it’s going to burst into flames, I sort of want to make more, if only to stop myself snacking on the ones I’m supposed to be giving away. These are just so excessively tasty — and make my apartment smell like a German Christmas market.

I am way behind on my Google Reader, so we’ll cap it at two pumps this week. Nosh Friday will be suspended for the week, as it is Christmas Eve. However, I have a whole week off from school and work next week and in my blank stare at what to do with myself, it will probably involve a lot of cooking, baking and photo-taking. All for you, my dears.

What is pumping your fists this Christmas week?

[photo credit here]



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