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fist pump tuesday

February 15, 2011

This is what is making me pump my fist this week:

1. GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE! — Today is a GORGEOUS, sunny day in Michigan. It’s *almost* in the 40s! To anyone who doesn’t live in a wintery clime, you might think it isn’t a cause for exhultation. Well, here, it definitely is. I can walk to class and work in flats instead of boots! I won’t arrive sweaty and peeling off a giant scarf! My nose won’t feel like it’s going to crack and fall off my face! Good times in West Michigan today. 🙂

2. Egyptian Voyeur — I shared this on Facebook already, but for those of you who aren’t Facebook friends, I wanted to show you this piece my friend Kim wrote. She’s currently living in Cairo as an English teacher and I was moved reading her thoughts on being amidst all the change and celebration in Egypt right now. Lots of love to you, Kimmy!

3. NPR’s Hidden World of Girls — I’ve been listening to this series at work lately and it’s seriously fascinating. They approach this mysterious sphere of stereotypes, what’s behind them and who’s breaking them from a ton of different directions, talking to women from all over the world and exploring the subtle and deeply ingrained facets of what it is to be a girl. Whether it’s a serious look at women who are forced to marry insurgents in Iraq or a psychological study of why girls seem to like horses and unicorns so much, I think it’s a fantastic series worth listening to.

Share your fist pumps!

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