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get ready for your close-up

March 5, 2011

I just got my tax return back today and my eyes nearly popped out when I saw my bank account balance. I haven’t had this much money in my bank account in, ermmmmm, at least a year, if not longer. Anyway, I am being sensible with most of it, setting it aside for rent for the summer, as well as paying for my car insurance for the next 6 months and saving a decent chunk. Along with my more sensible notions, I also made a tiny splurge. As I become increasingly interested in learning more about photography, I finally invested in something I’ve been yearning for since I got my DSLR almost a year ago.

Hello, beautiful! This little baby, a 50mm f1.8 lens, is highly recommended in all food photography articles I’ve read and while I can’t yet afford its brother, the 50mm f/2.5 macro lens, I am excited to experiment with it once it arrives. As I begin thinking forward to the next few years and what I want to do with my career, I am trying to invest in small things as I am able. This winter, in my frenzy of school, work and general life busy-ness, my camera has been more dormant than it should have been, and I want to change that. So if you hang out with me, be prepared for my camera to start becoming more of a part of my daily routine.

Basically, I will be sticking a camera in your face a lot.

(And maybe finally be posting some of them up on Facebook. Maybe.)

You’ve been warned.

[photo credit here]

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