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March 24, 2011

I think it is important to live in a posture of gratefulness for what surrounds you. When the warm spring weather turns to freezing rain and your zip and vigor to clean and bake morphs into a desire to become a human log, it can be hard to look around your life with rose-colored glasses and feel chipper.

But this week, here’s what I have been overwhelmingly grateful for…

…the soundtrack from this movie — there is something entirely magical about it.

…baking and eating these cookies, spiked with just a little extra espresso powder.

…blue, blue, BLUE skies today. Oh mama, they are blue.

…seeing a handful of out-of-town friends rather unexpectedly. To Andrew, Dave and Clinton, it was completely lovely to spend time with each of you. Talk about two days of my heart just bursting with joy! Yeesh!

…opportunities to exercise my creativity in school and at work and finding out what I am capable of. It’s a really amazing and good thing when I allow my mind to expand its own boundaries. Sometimes I even surprise myself.

…being BELIEVED in. Whether it’s a small comment or just a perfectly warm and loving look, I have felt so very believed in rather often lately. It is something that truly motivates me and keeps me humble at the same time.

Time to make dinner and relax for the evening — being thankful makes me hungry. 🙂

What are you grateful for?

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