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cheerful charlies

April 4, 2011

These are a few things making me smile today, on this cold, rainy spring day:

Making a decent batch of those chewy French macarons on my first try in class last week!

Two words: HOMEMADE PEEPS. If you’re like me and find commercial Peeps too gross to even look at, reconsider your Peep stance. I made these homemade ones at school today and was happy to find them soft, pillowy and not too sweet. (They are also not indestructible, unlike their store shelved counterparts.)

Spending a whole weekend with this little punk, who gave me lots of hugs, tried to steal my toothbrush and determinedly attempted to take my nose ring out about 500 times. I love her.

Coming home from work today and baking a yummy, whole grain batch of chocolate-cinnamon chip muffins. (A trick I read recently suggested to add a tablespoon or two of ground flaxseed to baked goods for some added Omega-3s and other excellent vitamins. I did that in these guys — secret ninja nutrition!)

What never fails to cheer you up?


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