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thoughts on this good friday

April 22, 2011

We could only believe in You because You have lived in us — in our mangled world, in our aching pain, in all our hurting humanity.

You alone are the God for us — because You alone are the God who has been one of us.

You felt what we feel, You touched the death that we know, You came to us as Immanuel: God with us.

-Ann Voskamp

My friend Kelly posted this on Facebook and it really touched me on today, this Good Friday. What a oddly appropriate name for a day that is at once so horrible and so necessarily a step towards the deepest of goods. Thinking of the absolute torment of the Cross, yet knowing that it is only through that suffering that we come to Grace; the Grace that gives life, that restores life, that IS life. I wander in this grief and let it move me and disturb me, as I look towards the third morning, a time to let grace cover the grief. Perhaps it doesn’t take it away but it makes it bearable. If there is anything I have learned about the Cross in the past year of my life, it is that. Grace doesn’t erase; it strengthens, it builds up, it provides a foundation that I can’t find in any other place.

Pondering on this joint Good Friday and Earth Day, I take a moment to think on the fullness of what it is to be human: powered and formed by Spirit and sustained and fed by Earth. We need both, we must care for both, we begin and end with both.

Jesus came in human form, I believe, because He understood and represented that fullness. He made the Earth and called it good; He made us in His own image and called us good. In all the brokenness of the world, He is redeeming us day by day, all of His Creation.

What are your thoughts today?

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