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empty tombs + bunny ears

April 25, 2011

Easter has always been a holiday of light to me; the light of the morning that found the tomb empty and the Savior risen, the light of spring lighting up the room, the light (supposedly) brunch food that we munch and nibble and enjoy without any distractions except each other.

Enjoy these snaps from my Easter with my dear foodie family. Pickled veggies, cheeses, deviled egg salad with avocado and bacon, dijon chicken salad, whole wheat blueberry banana muffins, homemade Peeps and more! And of course, like any good aunt, a zillion pictures of my favorite Easter bunny.

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  1. Nancy Carr permalink
    April 26, 2011 8:50 am

    Caroline – Thank you for the ‘sweet’ visit with my Michigan kids via your blog. Our Addie-bunny surely has changed since last Easter….but cute as ever!! Wish I could have dropped in to sample the luscious food and give everyone a bunny hug.

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