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of apple cider + dahilas

September 24, 2011

After finishing a large catering order this morning, I felt sapped and exhausted and ratty. I knew I needed something to refresh me before I kept running in circles, eventually crashing and moaning. Even though driving to the Farmers’ Market would have been more efficient and neat for my busy schedule, I decided to walk.

What a good decision it is to force ourselves to stop sometimes.

I ventured outside, taking my fancy new gilded TOMS for a spin, to soak in and absorb all the fresh autumn awash in the air. Sunny blue skies and enough crispness for a scarf, today is a day bursting with blessing and grace. I love how colorfully God paints the world and, in turn, splashes color all over our days. As one who thrives and lives in the creative, I am continually inspired and awed by His unending imagination.

These days, I see it in the first leaves on the bright green grass, in the luscious and breathtaking dahilas from the market, and in the perfect freshness of apple cider. I’ve also come to appreciate it in the presence of beautifully designed things — I visited an estate sale last weekend and found a lamp and chair (only $8 for both! I love deals) that make my home feel that much more lovely and cozy. Along with gearing up to start my first knitting project of the season, I am awash in the colorful and created.


(I promise, I have other things in the works than endless ruminative entries with iPhone photos and my love letters to autumn. But for now, it’s what I can manage. 🙂 )

What brings color to your life?

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  1. Nancy Carr permalink
    September 24, 2011 1:56 pm

    Autumn….my favorite season!! Anticipating “October’s bright, blue weather”.

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