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the crunching of fall + family love

October 20, 2011

I’ve been thinking of you lately, wanting to photograph new recipes to post up for your enjoyment and to further your inevitable culinary prowess (seriously, I bet your skills would school me and then some). However, I’ve been distracted to the nines with the glories of fall, with beginning my last two classes for culinary school, and with buying up mass amounts of pumpkin and turning it into breads, cookies, brownies, and pies. It’s a busy life and it’s full of butter.

Fall is my favorite time to take photos; the colors are so warm and luscious and snap out spectacularly against a blue sky. I ended up with some lovely shots from a family apple-picking venture, as well as a family photo shoot I did with my sister Johanna, her husband Matt, and their daughter and my niece of choice, Addison. So of course, I wanted to share them.

I’m plotting to make a wholesome, chock-full-o’-grain spin on pumpkin pie this weekend, so look out for that soon, I hope! I’m also going to attempt to figure out how to do mini apple pie parfaits in little Mason jars (just ’cause it sounds cute and I’m obsessed with Mason jars). Hopefully the next time I post photos, it will be of tummy-rumblin’ food. But for now, here’s some cute people, a baby goat, some pretty leaves, and a whole patch full of pumpkins.



Here are a few of my favorites shots from my sister’s family photo session.


How have you been spending your fall days?


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