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of pink cupcakes + celebrations worth having

December 11, 2011

I just found dried pink frosting all over my ear and face.

Somehow, I manage to get so into what I’m baking that minor things, like being covered in frosting or having chocolate cake batter all over my elbows and arms (also happened today), just slide by my notice. An occupational hazard of making lovely things like these!

I just sent these little beauties on their way to my friend Jordan’s house, for his daughter Oona’s first birthday! I made a dozen fancy-pantsy salted caramel cupcakes for the guests and one giant vegan chocolate cupcake for the birthday girl. I love that something I made will become a part of their family’s memories forever. I love when they look back at photos in one year, two years, ten years, that that chocolate cupcake I made will be smeared by the fistful all over a happy baby face (and if she’s anything like my niece, in her hair, on her feet, and in her tutu).

It’s times like these that I really love my job the most; the small chances I have to bring joy into people’s lives and be a part of something beautiful and lasting. It’s not a testament to me or to cupcakes at all, really; rather a testament that there is always something to celebrate about life, something to be grateful for, something to laugh and smile about, something that makes you just want to be glad that today, you get to be in that place, with those people, eating cupcakes.

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