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happy christmas + good winter

December 25, 2011

I have snuck away for a few quiet minutes during my family’s Christmas celebrations. My niece is napping, my dad and sister are watching some movie about aliens, and the culinary frenzy that is making Christmas dinner will be starting soon enough. For now, I am soaking in the music I haven’t been able to get enough of lately: the hauntingly beautiful tones of Bon Iver. (These are a few favorite tracks that have been on repeat. Merry Christmas to your ears!)


How appropriate that these artists, named after the French for “good winter”, have been my soundtrack lately. In the falling of winter, the slow and quiet sleep, the loss, the cold; this beautiful music is something that sustains and reminds me that in the necessary dark, there is goodness and beauty brewing.

Even though it’s the holidays, this hasn’t been an easy week to get through. A whirlwind two days where we drove for 12 hours, attended a funeral, wept and laughed together, and I stumbled back home just in time for friends to arrive on visits from D.C. and Germany. I got sick, slept for 14 hours, wore yellow tights and gold shoes, and let other people do most of the cooking (which mostly never happens). My gift to myself for Christmas has been rest. All I made was a chocolate cake and a pot of coffee.

I hope your Christmas has been happy, restful, and full of the kind of perfect love that reminds us of the quiet goodness of winter and the One who gives it.

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