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gettin’ busy in the kitchen

January 31, 2012

Here are a few recipes I’m hoping to try out this week:

These lentil “meatballs” would be delightful with some wilted kale and tomato sauce, perhaps with a scattering of freshly grated Parmesan. And a poached egg. (I’m currently obsessed with topping everything with poached or fried eggs. I can’t stop myself.)

I have a freezer full of berries from last summer and a desire to eat healthier, and this Strawberry Cucumber smoothie from Joy sounds tempting and fresh. SOLD!

I’m planning on doing a riff on these mini Meyer lemon tarts for my Cooking Club this Saturday. Our theme is “appetizers”, so naturally, I want to do bite-size desserts. I’m thinking maybe some wee brownies, too? With a Mexican hot chocolate twist?

Or I might just find myself also showing up with homemade soft pretzels with a cheddar beer dipping sauce or perhaps some kind of zesty spice topping. Because let’s be honest: eating healthy all the time is overrated. And pretzels are delicious.

What’s showing up in your kitchen this week?


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  1. January 31, 2012 2:22 pm

    Gettin’ busy? Ooo la la…. and those meyer lemon tarts sound so amazing I want to rub my face in them. (too much? maybe I have a lemon craving).

    Also, can you teach me to poach an egg? I’ve tried a few times but they have been epic failures.

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