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red tights + a life i love

February 14, 2012

Though a lot of people give Valentine’s Day a bad rap these days, I simply like to use it as an excuse to celebrate the people, the things, and the life that I love so much. No grumpiness or surliness for this gal; just bright red tights and homemade cinnamon rolls and smiles! I think I will make a fancy dinner for myself and spend the evening (via film) in Provence.

So here’s a collection of a few things here and there that are making my heart sing for joy:

HOMEFRIES! — I particularly have a giant crush on the Joy the Baker podcast and the blog column High Straightenance. I love to listen to Joy and Tracy‘s hilarious commentary while I’m in the kitchen (especially when Tracy starts talking in her Oprah voice).

“God Is Not Ashamed – Our Brothers Speak Out” Rachel Held Evans organized a call-out for men to respond to recent comments that Christianity has a “masculine” feel, and this post chronicles the many amazing and encouraging pieces our brothers wrote on our behalf, supporting and affirming women’s role in leadership in the Church. As a woman, it is more meaningful and touching than I could possibly say.

Welcome, “With Love”!Rosie Thomas‘ new album is released today and me oh my, is it wonderful. It’s being streamed for free this week, but after that, you should definitely, definitely buy it. I’ve already listened to it twice today and it’s quickly becoming full of new favorites for me.


But I have to say, one of the things I have loved most lately is some serious quality time with people I love. Cooking club, birthday parties, tasty bevvies out on the town, brunches, Grammy parties, cooking dinner and baking cookies, cheesy movies out, Anglophile nights in, and surprise handmade Valentine’s gifts. Love and loved, indeed!

So Happy Valentine’s Day! You are loved.

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  1. Nancy Carr permalink
    February 14, 2012 3:29 pm

    Thanks my sweet Caroline…you make me happy! Kind of a dull day outside so you brought me the best kind of sunshine today. Love you lots….Granny

  2. kelly permalink
    February 14, 2012 10:26 pm

    it’s a delight to call you a friend!

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