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sunny sabbaths + kale in a jar

March 25, 2012

I don’t know where you are but where I am, here in the western Mitten, we are experiencing an early spring! After a strangely mild winter, we are now wandering around outside, startled and sunning ourselves in warm temperatures and the early appearance of leaves, flowers, and the general onset of life blooming all around.

It’s the best kind of crazy.

Invigorated by a truly wonderful teaching this morning (bonus (!): the pastor referenced Downton Abbey and my friend Jettie expressed our dual Anglophilic swooning perfectly: “I think I’m having heart palpitations”), I’m taking full advantage of the spring weather and have walked to my favorite coffee shop. (Sunny or no, I have a few projects to work on…and hopefully some more Jayber Crow to read!) Walking by the flowering trees, face tilted towards the warming sun, I was just overwhelmed by gratitude for today.


Gratitude for
the smell of fresh blossoms
the stretching of my legs
the amazing teaching at Mars Hill today and
the concept of a life narrative defined not by shame but by

hesed; a giving, self-denying love
connecting with friends, old and new
iced coffee with raw milk fresh from the farm
quiet mornings watching the sun peek through my windows
kale salads in Mason jars
and joy in all its forms.

What have you been doing to celebrate the arrival of spring?

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